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Welcome Indie Brand Builders!

My mission with Indie Brand Builder is to empower small biz owners like you in building a thriving online business that you are passionate about… without compromising your well-being.

I’m on the same journey as you, building a brand that I’m proud of.

I want a business that helps you create freedom in your life. Whether that’s financial freedom, or freedom to spend your days how you please.

For me, that means showing up authentically and serving you as best I can.

We want to you help you:

    Helping you build a brain-first business. Sharing about mental wellness, productivity, clarity, and saving time.

  2. HAVE FUN 🎉
    Helping you build a brand that gets seen. Learning how to do marketing well – grow your website, grow your following and have fun doing it!

    Helping you make more sales, grow strategically, and scale up. Strategies to monetize your knowledge, build a lean and profitable business, and convert visitors and followers into customers.

I’ll be covering at least one topics of these in every newsletter moving forward… and sometimes all three!

Sound like your kind of place? Sweeet. Let’s do this!


Taking a break is not laziness

It’s an opportunity to recharge, reassess, and realign your priorities.

Think about it: What if you took a moment every hour to practice deep breathing and refresh your focus? This is not time wasted; it’s a precious investment that can improve your mental health and enhance your creativity and productivity. 

Taking breaks can significantly transform the way you tackle obstacles, build relationships, and create new habits.

As a driven soloprenuer I am 100% working on this! I often get so caught up in my to-do lists and tasks that I don’t give enough time to pause.

Don’t shy away from giving yourself a break, and observe as it has surprising effects on your life.

 FUN 🎉

Create your brand, then your logo 🤯

Yes, designing a logo is a super fun 🎨 and essential part of building a brand, but it’s actually only one part of a much, much bigger picture.

In fact, it’s the very last thing you should do when creating your brand.

Whether you are just starting out, thinking about rebranding, or just need your brand to be more impactful, these four V’s lay the foundation of strong brand vibe

  1. Brand vision = Your overarching goals for your business (and life!)

  2. Brand values = Determining principles that will guide your brand

  3. Brand voice = It’s not about what you say, but how you say it

  4. Brand visuals = Creating a look and feel that aligns with your values

Read my full article:
Learn how to build a strong brand – The 4Vs of your brand vibe 


Getting clear on your brand strategy

Now you’ve got into the nitty gritty of what your brand is all about and you’ve laid a solid foundation it’s time to get clear on your target audience, and the value you will bring.

  1. Choose a sub-niche: Large audience → niche → sub-niche 

    If you are a fitness trainer who wants to start an online coaching business. Instead of trying to reach athletes (large audience), or runners (niche), you might focus on specifically on marathon runners (sub-niche).

  2. Solve a specific problem:

    Find out what problems your sub-niche has and provide a clear solution for them.

  3. Make emotional connections:

    Tell a story that resonates. People buy from brands they feel connected to. It’s like making a new friend who just gets you. 😘

  4. Learn and adapt:

    Build in public (if you can) and get feedback along the way to improve your product. Let your customers guide your product development and you’ll end up creating a product they actually want.

  5. Get visible:

    Your business will never be successful if customers don’t know about you. Create a social media strategy by choosing a platform where your customers are. Build long term organic reach by building a space online that you own by pairing a a website with a great SEO strategy. We can help you with that! wink wink 😉

To your success,


Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help you:

  1. Boost Your Website Performance: Want to stand out online and attract more visitors? We will help you build a high-performing website that converts like crazy! 🚀

  2. Supercharge Your SEO: Looking to get found on Google and other search engines? Our proven SEO strategies can help you rank higher and earn more organic traffic. 📈

  3. Get Personalized Coaching: Ready to take your business to the next level and beyond? As a coach to over 150+ indie brands, I have the experience and expertise to help you succeed like never before.

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