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Build Trust and Boost Sales with Strategic Design

As an online business owner, your website is more than just a virtual storefront. It’s a beacon of trust, a symbol of your credibility, and a magnet for boosting sales.
So, how do you infuse that trust into your website design?
It’s easier than you think!
You can start improving your website credibility and convert more visitors into loyal customers just by making some design tweaks.

1. Use Trust Seals

These are not just pretty badges or gimmicks. Data shows that these symbols really influence customer decisions.

They reassure visitors that you’re a legitimate business worth their time and money.

Security certifications, satisfaction guarantees, industry affiliations–they all scream credibility. So, go ahead, flaunt them!

2. Show Customer Support Info

Clearly show how you offer customer support. Those two words can make or break your relationship with visitors.

Highlight your 24/7 phone support or money-back guarantees.

Show them you’re there, come rain or shine.

3. Provide Clear Return Policies

Don’t hide your return policies. Make them crystal clear for physical products, digital downloads, or services.

A transparent return policy is a trust amplifier. This can be as simple as showing a money back guarantee, or making it clear that a subscription can be cancelled any time.

4. Make Delivery Info Prominent

Shipping options, delivery times, insurance for shipments – every detail matters.

Be clear, be transparent, and watch your reliability skyrocket.

There’s a reason why Amazon sells so much – they make the purchasing easy and worry-free with clear offers, clarity, and trust.

And they do all of this is in a very small space on the screen.

This is what pros call “Above the fold” – which is before the customer needs to scroll or do anything they are provided all the information they need to make a purchase.

Amazon Convert clicks to customers

Amazon Handmade – Above the fold design

5. Include a Trust Policy Bar

Create a trust policy bar on your website. Display those trust seals and icons proudly near your navigation menu or somewhere else above the fold.

The immediate payoff? Instant credibility!

7. Include Payment Seals: Secure Transactions, Secure Trust

Showcase logos of trusted payment providers like Visa or PayPal. This small step reassures customers about the security of their transactions.

Recognizable payment seals on a product listing or checkout page will provide reassurance and make your customer feel like they are safe to enter their details into your website.

Variation 2 Convert clicks to customers

Shopify payment trust icons

8. Leverage Authority with Partnerships & Associations

Partnerships, collaborations, endorsements from reputable companies – all these pack a powerful credibility punch.

Leverage their authority, and build trust with your audience.

trust brands Convert clicks to customers

Example of Brand Associations

9. Use Statistical Evidence & Reviews

Customer testimonials, case studies, numbers, data – they all narrate a tale of trust.

We all know that reviews can make or break products, especially on sites like Amazon and Etsy, because we know that they are legit reviews.

For your own ecommerce store, use trusted review services like Trustpilot to further validate your brand and add that extra layer of trust.

trust reviews Convert clicks to customers

Example of Trustpilot review stats in a service business.

Building trust and credibility with your website design is all about creating a positive experience that keeps visitors coming back for more. And when they trust you, they buy from you.

So, are you ready to ignite your brand and boost your sales? Let’s turn your website into a trust-building, sales-boosting powerhouse!

That’s it for this week!

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