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Written by: Dan Chadney

On March 5th, Google announced another Core Update.

One of the biggest updates in the history of Google.

The result?

  • Thousands of websites deindexed.

  • Millions of monthly organic visits gone.

  • Hundreds of thousands revenue lost.

  • Many websites lost essential rankings.

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Hopefully your site wasn’t one of them!

Here’s a free tool to check what keywords your site is currently ranking for. 😉

Yes, AI is partially to blame for this. But, let’s not get hung up on that.

Google doesn’t hate AI. Google hates spam.

The problem is that people have been abusing AI to fill the internet with spammy unhelpful content that really doesn’t do anyone any good.

And this, my friends, has changed blogging forever. Is blogging dead? Nope. It’s just getting harder.

Does that mean you should quit? Heck no! But you should diversify.

That old phrase, don’t put all your eggs in one basket 🧺 has never been more true.

If you run an ecommerce website or a blog, here are three things you need to focus on:

  1. Write 100% original blog posts that are filled with personal viewpoints, anecdotes, updated statistics, quotes, jokes, citations, and rich content (lots of images, charts, graphs, video, audio).

  2. Before you write – get clear what keyword you are targeting, and what the searcher’s intent is. Do they want to buy something, learn about something, or find help in another way?

  3. Diversify your reach by repurpose content. Turn your blogs into podcasts, YouTube videos, short form videos, tweets, and Insta/Linkedin posts.

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How to Beat Writer’s Block

Every writer or blogger faces the daunting white screen at some point.

Here’s how to break through the white-screen blues and write content that captivates your audience.

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1. Set Achievable Writing Goals
Start small and be consistent. Setting realistic daily goals, like writing a single paragraph, helps build a steady writing habit.

If you are new to writing, don’t aim to write a novel in every blog post.

The key is to write consistently. Your ideas will build, and you’ll get into a flow.

Set a target number of words to write every day… maybe 500? This will help you establish a routine, and gradually increase your confidence and output.

2. Create a Distraction-Free Environment
Your writing space matters. A cluttered or noisy environment can fuel writer’s block.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot to write. Minimize distractions by turning off notifications and perhaps try some ambient music. Create a space that allows your thoughts to flow freely, making writing less of a chore and more of a retreat.

3. Experiment with Writing Prompts and Templates
Stuck for ideas? Writing prompts and template can kickstart your creativity.

  • Use a tool like Typeshare to generate ideas and write with proven writing frameworks.

  • AI is perfect for getting ideas going. But sometimes it can actually make writing something great even harder. Use your intuition. 🤔


Creating Content That Captivates

If you want more attention… more traffic… more sales… you’ll need to create content that is both relevant and generates an emotional response.

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Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Identify Trending Topics
Stay current and relevant. Writing about trending topics increases engagement.

Learn from your past successes. Look back at your popular posts and find fresh angles on those subjects. Use tools like Google Trends or social media hashtags to stay up-to-date.

2. Embrace Diverse Formats
Variety is key. Mix up your content formats to keep your audience engaged.

Don’t just stick to text. Include videos, infographics, and podcasts.

3. Develop a Conversational Writing Style
Write as if you’re speaking to a friend. A conversational tone makes your content more engaging.

4. Offer Practical Tips
Give your readers useful takeaways. Practical tips make your content valuable and actionable.

5. Utilize Proven Frameworks
Leverage frameworks and templates for effective writing. I love using writing frameworks because they help me focus on creativity, with the knowledge that I’m writing using proven psychology.

Some of my favs are:

  • AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

  • PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution)

  • QUEST (Question, Unique, Explain, Story, Tie-back)

  • ACCA (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action)

  • BISCUIT (Brief, Interest, Story, Conclusion, Unique, Invitation, Target)


Monetizing Your Website/Blog

Speaking of diversification. Here are a few ways to expand your revenue streams and grow your income.

1. Brand partnerships & sponsored content
This is probably the best way to leverage your blog and get results fast. If your site ranks for keywords that brands want to show up for, that can be money in the bank.

Sponsored content should feel like a natural extension of your blog. Work with brands that your audience already appreciates or could benefit from.

2. Aim for the middle
I’m talking about MOFU (middle of funnel). Write posts that capture readers who are looking to buy, but on the fence about which product to buy. These type posts convert way better for bloggers since you can act as the impartial trusted advisor helping them make an informed decision.

4. Utilizing Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
Include clear CTAs at the end of every blog post, social media post and email.

CTAs guide your readers on what to do next, be it to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, or download a guide. Make your CTAs clear, compelling, and relevant to the post content to convert readers into customers effectively.

That’s it for this week!

To your success,


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