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Welcome Indie Brand Builders!

If you run a product business, it seems as though Black Friday is always right around the corner.

This week, our focus is on helping you enhance your brand’s visibility, boost your income, and save you time.

Even if you’re not in e-commerce, the principles for getting visible and selling your services are the same, and this email delivers quality tips on sales and retention online.


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Powerful Product Launch Strategies for Your Brand πŸŽ†

Succeeding in a crowded market isn’t just about having a fantastic product; it’s also about making a grand entrance.

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for this! Take advantage of the fact that customers are actively searching for deals and offers.

Here are the keys to make your product launch stand out, generate buzz, build customer loyalty, and ultimately drive your business’s growth.

  1. Create a launch plan! Yep, good stuff happens when you make a plan. We’ve included a 7 day launch plan at the bottom of this email.

  2. Run social media contests: Offer giveaways or discounts to followers who engage with your content and share it with their network.

  3. Host a launch event: Host a personal, interactive occasion showcasing your product for maximum engagement and generating immediate sales.

  4. Influencer Partnerships: Make the most of influencers’ creativity and their large, engaged audience for a wider reach.

  5. Setup a referral program: Reward customers for referrals and generate more leads and conversions.

  6. Use interactive demos: Let potential customers virtually tour your product for hands-on experience.

  7. Host educational, informative or training webinars: There’s nothing like live interaction with potential customers, even if it’s over zoom!

  8. Partnership marketing: Work with other companies to mutually benefit from each other’s customer base, or collaborate with bloggers to feature your product/service.

  9. Product Hunt Launch: This platform dedicated to discovering brand-new products can seriously increase visibility, for free! (link)

  10. Email marketing campaigns: Still one of the most powerful marketing channels. Leverage your existing audience, or borrow someone else’s!

  11. Testimonials: Offer your product to a small group of customers for free before launch in exchange for reviews and testimonials.

  12. Run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns: Paid ads run through search engines can increase your product’s visibility and brand awareness during the lead up to launch.

Combine multiple product launch ideas and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an unforgettable brand story that not only generates a buzz but also turbocharges growth.

Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Best Customers πŸš€πŸ’

Want to boost the value of your top 10% customers?

Most people buy one thing or subscribe briefly and then bounce. That’s expected.

But then there are power customers – those ‘True fans’ who want everything you offer. Create a special upsell just for them!

  1. Subscribe & save – a super way to reward those that love your brand.

  2. Bundle products – if your customers love you, they’ll naturally want to buy everything you have to offer.

  3. Lifetime deals – if you’ve got a software product you could offer a LTD, but then add a backend membership for ongoing support and training.

  4. Paid communities – offer juicy benefits for those in your private community!

  5. Private coaching – level up your digital product biz with an exclusive private coaching program.

  6. Exclusive mastermind program – create a high-ticket mastermind for your serious clients and students.

  7. You get the point.

No need to specifically aim for more power customers; they’ll always be a minority. Instead focus on maximizing the value from the biggest fans you already have.

7 Day Launch Plan for Announcing Anything πŸš€

Ever launch something online and hear crickets? Me too. I’ve found a way to avoid that exact situation.

Whether you have an ecommerce store, digital product, or SAAS product, this plan can be your guide.

DAY 1. Story, press, and partnerships

Iron out your story: Behind every remarkable product or feature, there’s a compelling story. Defining this narrative helps hone your presentation, messaging on landing pages, and your overall PR outreach.

Early press outreach: Learn to pitch your story well. Not every release requires a massive PR push. Keep it simple, be concise, and use emotive powerful headlines.

Partnership outreach: Leverage collaborations with other companies. If your launch involves another business, explore possibilities of joint promo or guest posts on their blog. Case studies also make an excellent promotional tool.

DAY 2. Video

Make a brief video showing off what you’re launching. Videos are an excellent way to demonstrate new features and offer some backstory on your creation. Don’t worry about crafting a cinematic masterpiece; the human element works like a charm.

DAY 3. Create a landing page

Create a dedicated space for your launch. Make it solution driven. A landing page allows you to pitch your new product or service as the solution to your customer’s problems.

DAY 4. Press & graphics

Press follow-up: The key to any engagement lies in the follow-up. A few days after your initial press outreach, send out a follow-up email, and provide further exciting details about your upcoming launch.

Create animated GIFs and images: GIFs and images not only amplify your social media presence but can illustrate your new features to your customers succinctly.

DAY 5. Influencer outreach & write an article

Influencer & Industry outreach: Reach out to influencers and key players in your field. Remember, offering to help them as well can make your request more compelling.

Write an article: Draft an article or blog post about your upcoming launch. Ensure it’s error-free and captivating.

DAY 6. Newsletter & social media

Pre-schedule everything to give yourself some breathing room on launch day.

Send out a newsletter: Keep it brief, direct, and don’t forget the much-needed links to where your audience can find your release.

Queue up your social media: Pre-schedule varying posts and promotional content to go out throughout the launch day and following weeks.

DAY 7. Launch day!

Publish/Release/Launch/Announce: Go ahead and make it live!

Influencer follow up: Let all the influencers you have engaged with know that your product or service is live, and they can help spread the word.

Submit to communities: Depending on what you’re announcing, consider communities such as Product Hunt, GrowthHackers, or Hacker News.

Engage with your followers: Respond promptly to comments, social media tags, emails to keep the launch buzz alive and kicking for as long as possible.


In case you missed it last week, here are some free tools you don’t want to miss:


  • – AI that browses the web and provides facts (link)

  • – Brilliant for summarizing and rewriting what you find on the web (link)

  • – Perfect for analyzing data, code, or writing long-form content (link)

  • – Generate user personas for your target market in seconds using AI! (link)


  • Ahrefs Keywords Generator – Great for quick keyword research (link)

  • RankMath – The best WordPress SEO plugin (link)

  • Ahrefs backlink checker and website authority checker (link)


  • – The best tool for finding contacts (link)

  • – An amazing tool for outreach and lead generation (link)

  • HARO – Help a reporter out is perfect for getting free mentions on major publications (link)

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