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Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

Written by: Dan Chadney

ContentShake is the newest AI content writer to hit the market and promises to revolutionize your content creation process.

But is this just hype or can it really transform your content writing?

It can certainly help if you struggle to come up with fresh and engaging content ideas. And it can help speed up your process. It can also help optimize your content for SEO. 

ContentShake: All-in-One Content Writing Tool | Semrush

ContentShake has been a game-changer for my content creation process. It's not just a writing tool; it's a complete content management system. I can plan, write, and even post directly to WordPress—all in one place! The AI suggestions and data-driven advice on SEO, readability, and tone are invaluable. It even offers competitive insights from Semrush.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Is it worth the price tag? Should you buy it?

I’ve spent a few weeks with the tool and sharing my honest feedback in this post.

Key Takeaways
  • Build blog article outlines with one click.
  • Use AI features to rewrite, or expand your content.
  • Access to dozens of content ideas and helps generate unique and engaging blog post ideas.
  • Helps users become experts in content marketing by utilizing AI and competitive insights.
  • Does all the heavy lifting in creating new content, allowing you to just focus on writing.
  • It’s a perfect addition if you already use Semrush.

What is Semrush ContentShake?

ContentShake is a content writing tool that streamlines the process from content ideation to publication to optimization.

Based on competitive analysis and Semrush data, it helps you generate personalized content ideas and optimize blog content for your brand and SEO. 

ContentShake1 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

With the power of AI, it allows you to effortlessly create content with relevant outlines, keywords, images, and structure.

This content writing tool goes beyond just generating ideas. It enables you to create keyword clusters and generate content that will generate more traffic to your website.

It also helps you optimize your content for better readability. It highlights issues in the text and offers suggestions for rewrites, ensuring that your articles are easy to read while maintaining a consistent tone of voice.

What I like and don’t like

ContentShake offers customized topic suggestions tailored to the specific niche of your business, helping you craft articles that address the real-life queries of your target audience.

It assesses your competitors, revealing the most effective strategies used by other websites within your industry. Armed with this valuable information, you can cherry-pick ideas that generate the greatest amount of traffic while avoiding highly competitive subjects.

Simply provide a description of your business or input relevant keywords, and the platform will generate suitable topic ideas.

ContentShake4 edited Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

The goal is to select a topic that will attract the maximum number of visitors to your site. By clicking on these topic suggestions, you will receive an indication of whether they are likely to drive low or high levels of traffic.

ContentShake5 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

While this feature may appear ingenious and helpful, as an SEO professional, I am somewhat skeptical until I see concrete data regarding estimated traffic. Personally, I prefer to evaluate whether a keyword has the potential to drive traffic or not by using Semrush and conducting thorough keyword research. I would highly recommend that you do the same.

I appreciate the abundance of related topics provided by ContentShake at the outset, as it sparks numerous ideas and facilitates the creation of keyword clusters. However, I would not solely rely on ContentShake for topic suggestions but rather conduct my own research on potential subjects.

ContentShake12 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

The topic ideas proposed by the tool based on the niche I entered were helpful, but limited. I would like to see more options available. Bearing in mind that this is a first release, I think it’s a great start. 

It’s also worth noting that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The tool appears rather simplistic, but after spending more time with it I found that the suggestions were backed by good data and it’s worth following the “Ideas” suggestions. These suggestions are semantically related topics and will help you build topical authority if you structure your content into topic clusters.

How to use ContentShake

1. Set up your project

To get started you should first enter some topics about your website and niche preferences.

2. Get content ideas

Once you’ve done that go to the ‘Ideas’ area to set up your article by selecting one of the topic ideas, or choose ‘My own idea’ and enter your target keyword. Then, click ‘Start writing’ to begin exploring the list of topics and generating content ideas.

ContentShake13 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

I find the ideas section really helpful, but it seems a little limited, and in my view should integrate more with Semrush. It feels very separate from the main suite of tools and there is no ability to bring in keyword research you’ve done elsewhere in Semrush.

3. Outline Your Article

Generating an article outline will streamline the writing process and will ensure a well-structured piece.

Luckily ContentShake does this bit for you, and provides suggestions to expand once it has written the initial outline. This is particularly good if you’re a novice, or unsure of the correct structure of a blog post.

ContentShakeCard1 1 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

4. The AI Writing Tool

Once you have outlined your article, down the right-hand side of the content editor is the Suggestions panel which generates potential titles, captivating introductions, blog structures, target keywords, eye-catching images, and more.

With these suggestions at your disposal, you can easily piece together your article and bring your ideas to life. 

The sections that interested me the most were:
– Keywords
– Structure
– Facts and data

Although I appreciate the inclusion of these features, I prefer to have more clarity and transparency on the sources for this information. It’s great that it cites the sources of facts.

ContentShakeCard2 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

As a professional writer, I find the tool to be somewhat basic for my taste. But as I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and this tool could really help you focus on writing, without getting distracted (or confused) by all the technical stuff.

5. Compose with AI

“Compose with AI” is an excellent tool for creating and enhancing your article. This feature utilizes artificial intelligence to assist you in generating and refining various sections of text. Whether you need help with the introduction, body, or conclusion of your article, the tool easily provides valuable insights and suggestions.

To begin using this feature, simply select the section of your article that you want to work on. For example, if you’re struggling with the introduction, click on that specific section, and “Compose with AI” will analyze your existing text and offer suggestions for improvement.

6. Content optimization

Optimizing your content is essential for improving search engine visibility and attracting more readers to your articles. With ContentShake’s AI-powered features, you can write and optimize your content very easily. 

The tool provides actionable recommendations to optimize content for search engines and better organic rankings. It helps users identify and resolve issues related to keyword usage, meta tags, headings, tone, and readability, ensuring that content is both informative and ready to rank on Google.

ContentShakeCard3 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

The option to choose the tone of voice lets writers tailor their content to match the desired style, whether it is professional, conversational, persuasive, or any other tone that suits their purpose. 

7. Publish directly to your blog

By seamlessly integrating with WordPress, ContentShake allows you to easily publish your articles directly to your blog. With a simple click, you can promptly publish your meticulously created articles and connect with your audience faster than ever. 

This is a big time-saver. ContentShake streamlines the entire process, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

ContentShake8 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

There is also an option to publish to Google Docs or share with your content team.

ContentShake Pricing & Plans

With the free trial, you can test out ContentShake’s capabilities before committing.

The free version gives you:

  • Topics: 3 every week
  • Articles: 3 every month
  • Ideas: 3 per topic
  • AI Rewrite Features: 3 per article
  • Compose with AI: 3 per article
  • Suggestions in the editor: 3 per item

For a monthly fee of $60, the upgraded edition provides extra advantages such as 25 fresh content suggestions every week, limitless articles, and unrestricted use of the “Compose with AI” and all rewriting functions. Additionally, it allows for effortless article sharing through one-click WordPress publishing.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it? In my opinion, if you are already a Semrush customer and need a tool that integrates with your existing data and/or team then ContentShake could be right for you.

ContentShake9 Semrush ContentShake Review 2024: It is A Worthy AI Writing Tool?

It’s pretty expensive for what it provides, but then again, the proof is in the results. If the content output is good enough to rank on search engines and your readers love it, it’s worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Semrush Contentshake and Other Content Creation Tools?

Semrush ContentShake stands out from other content creation tools by simplifying the process and offering effortless ideas. It utilizes AI and data to enhance your knowledge, boost expertise, and provide actionable tips for optimized content creation.

Can Contentshake Help Me Improve My Website’s Search Engine Rankings?

Yes, Contentshake can help improve your website’s search engine rankings. It offers AI-driven insights and data-driven recommendations to optimize your SEO content effortlessly. 

How Does Contentshake Utilize AI and Data to Enhance Topical Expertise?

Contentshake utilizes AI and data to enhance topical expertise by providing actionable insights and tips for content creation. The ideas tool suggests topics that are semantically related, which over time will help you build topical authority. 

What Are the Key Features and Options Available in Contentshake?

This new AI writing tool will help you generate unique content faster. Using AI technology, it will help you write articles based on SEO principles and competitive insights, allow for easy sharing and publishing, saving time and effort, and boosting expertise with AI and data.

Are There Any Limitations or Drawbacks to Using Contentshake for Content Creation?

There aren’t any limitations or drawbacks to using Contentshake for content creation. It’s a simple tool, with a lot going on under the hood. It provides effortless content ideas and saves time and effort. 

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