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I’m on a mission to speed up content creation. As I transition between work and rest, I’m discovering the true power of balance. 🧘

This week I’ve been going deeper with ChatGPT.

Things are rapidly changing and the new release of GPT-4o is a game changer.

You may not know that I wrote a book about ChatGPT last year.

IMO, GPT-4o does a great job on many levels, but one of the best improvements I’ve seen is with structure and tone.

Whether or not you are a fan of AI, as digital entrepreneurs, we need to adapt to thrive, to stay relevent, and to stay ahead.

Look – I get it. For many, the benefits of using AI are not always clear. Sometimes you just don’t get great results.

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Here’s my AI secret… I only use AI for tasks like brainstorming and generating ideas, organizing thoughts, crafting scripts or outlines, and rapidly addressing complex problems or queries.

I don’t use it for writing blog posts.

I actually don’t use it for the final output of anything.

It’s always used as a tool to speed up my normal process, and stop me from staring at a blank page. That’s it.

Here are three ways I use ChatGPT on a daily/weekly basis:

1. Idea Generation 💡

I trained GPT-4o on our mission, target audience, and desired outcomes. It returned with 185 tailored ideas perfect for Reels, Instagram carousels, and articles. 🤯

The key to mastering this is feeding the AI with detailed information, and get specific about the outcome you want.

If you have content pillars, tell ChatGPT about each pillar and what you want to achieve for each content pillar:

  • Content Pillar 1: your goal might be to get more shares, follows, and reach.
  • Content Pillar 2: you are looking for more comments and profile bio clicks.
  • Content Pillar 3: you might be looking for sales, clicks/traffic, saves, and leads.

The more info you provide, the better result’s you’ll get!

I gave ChatGPT my ten-slide formula along with a blog post I had created on the topic, and it outlined a carousel for me. 🤯🤯

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Give it a try! Here is the formula:

  1. Slide 1: The cover
    Place your title here. Keep it concise and clear to ensure your carousel’s purpose is quickly scanable on Instagram feeds.

  2. Slide 2: The introduction
    Present a brief overview of the topic covered by the carousel and explain how it will benefit the viewers.

  3. Slides 3 – 7: The information
    Use this space wisely to highlight your product or service. You may choose to use fewer than five slides if it suits your message better. Keep your explanations tight and to the point. Aim for a clean, uncluttered background to enhance readability.

  4. Slide 7 – 8: The transformation
    This slide highlights the transformative impact of choosing your product or service. Outline the benefits and changes users can expect after engaging with your offering.

  5. Slide 9: The summary
    Concisely recap everything presented in your carousel to ensure clarity on what you’re offering or discussing.

  6. Slide 10: The call to action (CTA)
    This is your moment to guide your audience. Direct them to make a purchase, visit the link in your bio, engage with a question, or share their thoughts and feedback. Be explicit in your instructions. If your audience has engaged with your content this far, they are likely prepared to take the next step.

3. Captivating Hooks 🪝

In the world of content creation, first impressions are EVERYTHING.

Hooks are absolutely essential. But they can be tricky. It’s a fine line between clickbait and framing ideas to capture attention.

Photo is taken during the morning of the Emerill Lagasse Fishing Tournament in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Photo by AH360 Photography.

Photo by stephen momot on Unsplash

You’ve got seconds – maybe less – to GRAB your reader’s attention. To make them want to read on.

I taught ChatGPT to use a list of 100 hooks to craft YouTube intros and Instagram captions. 🤯🤯🤯

Here’s the secret sauce:

  1. Know your audience – Give ChatGPT info to understand your audience. What do they want? What are their challenges?

  2. Play around – Don’t stick to the first suggestion. Try different prompts and see how ChatGPT responds. It’s a fun experimental journey to find the perfect hook.

  3. Make it personal – People connect with humans, not robots. Add your own twist to the AI-generated hook. Make it sound like YOU.

So I starts with me, AI jumps in, and then it ends with me.

It’s not about outsourcing creativity—it’s about amplifying the great ideas that already exist within us.

Every day I find new and exciting ways to integrate ChatGPT into my life. It’s my personal assistant, my website coding tutor, even my sous-chef!

⚡️ Action Step: Test drive ChatGPT for a task this week. See how it can streamline your process and unlock your creativity.

To your success,


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