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What the heck is a tech pack?

Written by: Dan Chadney

So you’ve got your amazing product idea, and maybe you even have a prototype. But now you’re considering larger scale manufacturing and you’re speaking with factories that are halfway around the world where English is not the native language. You’re also talking about spending tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your production run, and it’s starting to dawn on you how much could potentially go wrong – and how much those mistakes could cost you!

itunes link sm2 What the heck is a tech pack?

One of the most important factors in the factory/designer relationship is how you communicate your product requirements. And that’s where TECH PACKS come in.

Belinda Jacobs is a technical fashion designer from London (now based in California). She had her first job in fashion at the age of 15, stapling swatch cards together! Belinda has been designing & creating tech packs for more than a decade for household brands and independent designers alike. In this podcast episode, we answer some essential questions like:

  1. What is a tech pack and how is it used?
  2. What are the essential components of a tech pack?
  3. What is required to create a tech pack?

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