9 Best AI Story Generators of 2024: Create Stories and Novels with AI (2024)

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Is writer’s block getting in your way? No need to worry because some amazing AI story generators are out on the market today.

Here are my picks, with pros and cons, for the best AI story generators in 2024.

They all use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can help you create unique stories with ease.

Whether you are a professional author, a fiction writing enthusiast, or just looking for a quick and inspiring way to level-up your storytelling, there’s a tool out there for you.

What is an AI Story Generator?

AI story writing software has caused a stir in the writing industry due to its potential to massively revolutionize the way we create prose.

Through a sophisticated technology called GPT-3, AI story generator tools can generate almost human-like text on a range of topics and formats.

The 9 Best Story Generators for 2024

  1. Novel AI – FREE or from $10/month
  2. Jasper – FREE or from $29/month
  3. SudoWrite – FREE or from $10/month
  4. Shortly AI – $65 to $79/month
  5. Sassbook AI Story Writer – FREE or from $32/month
  6. AI Dungeon – FREE or from $9.99/month
  7. Writerly – FREE or from $19/month
  8. Writesonic – FREE or from $12.67/month
  9. Rytr – FREE or from $9/month

Novel AI Story Writing Program – Dedicated to Writing Fiction


Novel AI is a monthly subscription service that is designed from the ground up to help writers create human-like fiction literature.

Using the platform’s AI Modules, you can draw upon specific themes, emulate famous writers, or even create your own themes with your own data.

The AI is trained on classic and modern literature so it can quickly adapt to whatever input you provide it, and is very well suited for fantasy novels and science fiction.

The Calliope and Sigurd storytelling models on the standard (Tablet) and FREE plans are incredibly powerful and make it possible to create very interesting story plots.

Upgrading to the Scroll or Opus levels and you’ll gain access to the more advanced Euterpe and Krake storytellers.

The result? Write AI-generated stories that have been crafted with your unique perspective in mind.

Top Features

  • Designed specifically for Novel writing

  • Keeps track of small details in your story and ensures that the AI refers to it and obeys its rules

  • 2048 tokens of memory (that’s a lot) to keep track of your story to make sure you stay on track

  • Ability to import AIDCAT or AIDWI files to revive your old story ideas

Areas to improve

  • Steep learning curve

  • Lots of customization options, but can be overwhelming

  • Fiction writing only


Tablet: $10/month (USD)
Scroll: $15/month (USD)
Opus: $25/month (USD)

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis)


Jasper is a powerful AI story generator that simplifies the content creation process for a wide variety of audiences.

This makes it a great choice for creating long-form chapters, paragraphs, and even scripts. But Jasper’s capabilities don’t end there – it also provides a range of writing tools designed to help create a variety of different stylized text formats.

It also features a tone detector tool that you can use to match your writing tone and keep your writing consistent.

Plus, by integrating with SEOSurfer, users can be sure they’re getting high-quality content optimized for SEO power as well. Important information when marketing your creative story.

Top Features

  • Good for beginners – has an intuitive and simple interface

  • Offers a chat feature

  • Includes a wide range of features that allows you to create content fast

  • Jasper integrates well with a few platforms that assist your writing – Surfer SEO, Grammarly & CopyScape

Areas to improve

  • Expensive

  • While it is possible to create long-form content and creative pieces, that’s not what Jasper is designed for

  • The danger of repetition, regular clearing of inputs is needed

  • Fact Check! Can often create ‘facts’ that are completely unfounded

  • Without integration with other tools, no plagiarism or SEO tools


FREE five-day trial with 10,000 words

Boss Mode = $49/mo for 50,000 words

$500+/mo for 700,000+ words



Sudowrite is an AI-powered story generator with a wide range of features. A modern design interface with drag-and-drop functionality, and an AI-based text generator for quickly creating engaging content.

This AI story generator was created by writers, for writers. It is writer-centric and suggestion-oriented and has great speed and ability with long texts. It’s advertized as the 3am writing buddy that you’ve always needed, and I agree!

Top Features

  • Provides a feedback tool that gives you 3 ideas to improve upon. As many times as you like!

  • Has endless thesaurus options for words so that you can easily find the perfect one

  • Amazing brainstorming feature that helps get your ideas out of your head and onto ‘paper’ with endless ideas and suggestions.

  • Insite functions to help design characters and how they interact with others.

Areas to improve

  • Doesn’t handle dialog too well so requires some workarounds


FREE trial $10/month for 30,000 words
$20/month for 90,000 words
$100/month for 300,000 words

Sign up now and start writing

Shortly AI


Shortly AI is like having your own personal brainstorming partner – it can help you expand and develop your thoughts into well-written paragraphs. Plus, you can use its powerful commands to rewrite, shorten and expand sentences instantly, giving you creative freedom without interrupting your flow.

All of this comes with a clean distraction-free interface so you can focus on getting the most out of your writing.

If you’re a professional writer looking for an edge or just someone who wants to improve their written communication skills, look no further than Shortly AI.

Top Features

  • Very easy to use

  • Unlimited word credits

  • Can be used for story writing, blogs or other long-form content

Areas to improve

  • As with any AI writer – facts should always be checked

  • More expensive than competitors


$65 to $79/month depending on whether you choose the annual plan or the monthly plan

Check out Shortly AI

Sassbook AI Story Writer


Sassbook AI story generator is somewhat new to the game and offers the ability to write in specific fiction genres such as Classic, Humor, SciFi, Romance, Realism or Thriller.

Built using state-of-the-art AI, Sassbook provides writers with an easy-to-use interface that takes the guesswork out of writing.

You have the ability to set the level of creativity to conservative, balanced or inventive and the output is good quality.

Top Features

  • Ability to write in specific genres

  • Ability to set creativity levels

  • All plans come with AI Writer + AI Story Writer, AI Summarizer and AI Headline Generator

Areas to improve

  • Word limits per generation seem small, even for the paid plans

  • Clunky UI – does not feel like a mature project

  • Expensive considering what it is offering


Standard plan: $32/month
Pro plan: $49/month

AI Dungeon


The AI Dungeon is a super exciting new approach to story generation based on game-play.

Whether you’re looking to create beautiful artwork or add depth and complexity to your stories, AI Dungeon has something for everyone. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need to be an expert in computer science to get started. Plus, you can always access the latest updates and advancements in their technology as they continue to develop it.

It is powered by deep learning, so it can generate content that is unique to each player. It also uses natural language processing, so you can type in commands and the AI will interpret them. This makes it easy to play the game without having to learn a bunch of complex commands.

Overall, AI Dungeon is an innovative and exciting game that offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure that will inspire and drive your storytelling.

Top Features

  • Ability to expand on worlds created by others or start your own from scratch

  • Multiplayer

  • Free-to-play

  • Released on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App Store

Areas to improve

  • Not actually an AI writer – more of a game, but it can be used as inspiration for writing

  • Multiplayer mode can be too slow to function

  • Still working out the bugs


Adventurer: $9.99/month
Hero: $14.99/month
Legend: $29.99/month



As a powerful story generator, Writerly focuses on creativity and allows for the reusing of generated content in different ways.

From creating fresh content to remixing and rewriting long-form content this ai story tool

Top Features

  • The AI tool with chrome writing extension, meaning that it can work ‘with you’ on anything you are doing

  • 50+ templates for short and long content creation

  • 25+ Language Translations

  • A generous free plan

  • The ability to add collaborative writers to create a team.

  • Brand personalization

  • Can produce SEO-optimized content (great for marketing work)

Areas to improve

  • Not as finessed as some other story generator tools

  • limited customization options compared to other ai story generator sites


FREE – 2,000 words/month
$19/month – 22,000 words



A reliable ai story generator, Writesonic gives an effortless way to generate attention-grabbing content.

With an impressive list of features, like the free ChatGPT app that gathers current facts and up-to-date information, this a solid tool to help write compelling stories.

Top Features

  • 70+ ai templates

  • 20+ language translations

  • Grammar and readability checkers are built-in

  • Integrates with SurferSEO

  • Can generate a landing page when marketing novel

Areas to improve

  • Writesonic is a top pick for me when marketing my writing, but there are other AI story-writing tools better suited for fictional writing

  • As with any AI writer – facts should always be checked


FREE trial 6,250 words/month
$12.67/month 47,500 words
Scales all way up to $666 for 5,000,000 words/month & 15 users/month



Rytr.me AI story generator provides a vast selection of ‘voice tones’. With 20-plus templates available this AI story generator provides far more options than many other AI writing tools.

It’s not specifically a fiction story-writing tool, but I’ve included it anyway because it has some powerful features and is worth considering if you are writing non-fiction or are doing lots of mixed writing.

The story plot generator is very powerful and will give you an entire plot by writing a simple idea and selecting your writing tone, Rytr does the rest!

Top Features

  • Fantastic support and training videos make Rytr accessible to beginners and professionals alike.

  • Use of copywriting formulas: the PAS and AIDA models make sure that the text produced is high quality, without much need for editing.

    If you are looking to optimize your conversions, take a look at these copywriting power words..

  • Excellent grammar-checking tools, on par with Grammarly

  • A collection (30+) of templates are available for many different writing situations

Areas to improve

  • As with any AI writer – facts should always be checked

  • The text does not always flow as organically as other ai story tools can provide.


Unlimited plan is $29 a month


AI story generators are a great way to provide yourself with creative ideas to get you started and can help reduce writer’s block.

They should be used as a starting point and the content should be edited for quality assurance. AI writing assistants are great tools to have in your arsenal of writing tools, but they shouldn’t be relied upon solely when creating fiction.

Are there any free AI Story Generators?

Sudowrite, Sassbook AI, Narrative Device AI, Novel AI, Jasper, and Writerly all have generous free plans. ChatGPT is also free to use.

Is Writing Fiction with AI Legit?

Using an AI story generator is a legit way for a fiction writer to stir up their creative inspiration. It provides contextualized writing suggestions that can help the novelist write engaging stories.
Story writing with AI is like having your very own writing assistant and can aid in moving a draft forward.
An ai story-writing tool can’t do the whole thing for you but it can be your 24/7 buddy!

AI Story Writer: Good or Bad?

An AI story generator could help you come up with original ideas or even write a complete chapter.
AI novel writing software makes it possible for creatives to publish their work with great speed and efficiency when used as a story-writing aid.
Is it unethical or cheating to use AI to write creatively? Well, that’s up to you to decide.
As far as I’m concerned, OpenAI, Novel AI, or others listed here aren’t doing anything unlawful, so I have no qualms about using AI in my creative works.

Should I Use an AI Writing Assistant for my Fiction?

Great for getting creative juices flowing
Can help with fresh ideas and alleviate writer’s block
Can lack organic flow and character development, needs human editing
If not edited, can be detected by search engines like Google etc.

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