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6 Tips to Increase Online Sales with Digital Marketing

Written by: Dan Chadney

There are always ways to increase sales figures, even if you’re happy with the current number of sales you’re making.

Online marketing is just one of these ways but can make a real difference in your profits if done efficiently.

How can you leverage platforms and techniques already out there to make the most efficient use of your time and money?

Let’s dive in!

To make more sales, try these online marketing techniques:

1. Make use of affiliates

They generally promote your business online when you use affiliates, and drive new customers to your product or service. You pay the affiliates a percentage of each sale they make in exchange for this.

Affiliate marketing is not just an efficient strategy, but also a cost-effective one. To get new prospects, you don’t have to pay for advertising upfront. Until after the sale is made, you don’t pay and then you only pay the affiliate a percentage of each sale.

Also, the generated traffic is already targeted to your specific niche. It’s more likely to turn into a sale when traffic is pre-warmed.

2. Use the power of social media

Social media allows you to keep in touch with your customers while growing your brand simultaneously. Social media is more informal than your website, so here you need a lighter, casual presence.

On social media, your goal is to engage with your clients. Ask questions, answer their questions and engage in discussions. You’re allowed to take polls and have contests.

Post valuable data that will interest them, and they could also share it with their friends and business associates!

Use a range of formats, such as text, images, videos, and more, for your posts.

  • Let them know about special sales that you’re currently running, too. They’ll be glad to save some money!
  • If you are not utilizing social media marketing in your overall marketing strategy, you could be missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

3. Target mobile users 

Most internet users use mobile devices to browse the web these days. Ensure that your website and other marketing materials are mobile-friendly, such as your emails.

Text messaging is a cost-effective way to reach new customers. There are higher open rates for text messages on their smartphones than emails. To reach local customers interested in your products or services, take advantage of texts.

4. Obtain clients through giveaways

People like to get free things, so why not take advantage of that? In exchange for a possible customer’s email address, you can offer a coupon or freebie. You can continue to market to them via emails once they’re on your email list.

Opening a social media competition can also be an efficient way to create your email list or drive sales to new and existing customers.

5. Create a YouTube channel

Video content is one of today’s fastest-growing forms of content online, so it makes sense to take advantage of this trend by creating your own YouTube channel.

You won’t need to create professional videos that are highly polished. Most successful videos are simpler and show that your customer base cares about you.

Just create a few how-to videos that show what your business is doing or how your products work.

6. Include social proof or testimonials on your site

Including testimonials from past customers is one effective way of showing how good your products or services are.

Allow your clients to submit video testimonials of their own. You may want to consider offering a gift or discount coupon for their next purchase to encourage your customers to create testimonials for you.

A positive review could turn a possible sale into a definite one, so it is worth your time and effort to encourage your clients to create testimonials.

Not all of the above online marketing strategies will be suitable for your company or work, but making the effort to try them could bring you higher profits. It’s only when you try different methods that you know for certain how successful they can be.

Dan Chadney

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