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Best Customer Service Chatbots Using AI

Written by: Dan Chadney

AI-powered customer service chatbots can provide your business with an always-on customer service person that is super reliable, has a wealth of background knowledge about you and your business, and can answer pretty much any question thrown at it. Sound good?

Sounds great to me! I wish I had one of these babies set up when I was running my ecommerce biz. (Which I recently sold!)

Setting up an AI chatbot can shave a healthy amount of time invested on your business in customer service, so you can focus on more important stuff.


Zendesk chatbot example

Zendesk is the top of my list because, well, it’s Zendesk. It’s completely integrated into their CRM and has built-in automations and AI. If you use Zendesk already, this is a no brainer.

Here’s the link:

My favorite features:

  • Fast to set up and come pre-trained on real customer service interactions specific to your industry.
  • Can resolve customer issues over any channel without human involvement, direct customers to help center articles, and integrate with key systems such as customer service software, CRM, and marketing automation tools.
  • Can gather context from customers, hand conversations to the right agent when needed, and boost sales by, for example, sending a customer a discount code.
zendesk features

Zendesk provides various chatbot options, including its own Answer Bot, integration with third-party solutions, and AI tools for customer service, to help businesses automate and enhance their customer support operations.


hubspot chatbot example

The HubSpot chatbot is a great choice not only because it’s free, but it is also a really efficient AI chatbot for customer support.

Here’s the link:

It’s got some high-performing features:

  • Super easy way to optimize customer service interactions
  • Designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes
  • You can customize the look and feel, and tailor it to fit your brand and service offerings

The HubSpot chatbot is also compatible with various messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack. This makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers on their preferred platform and offer seamless customer support.


zoho zobot chatbot

Zobot is made by Zoho, who have a huge suite of tools and software for business. Many of their tools are free or very low cost and provide amazing value. I personally use Zoho invoice for my daughters ecommerce business and would certainly consider other Zoho products.

Their chatbots are used on an impressive 42,000 websites and have 17 million chats to date.

That’s straight from their website. I think that’s important to know becuase many of these companies just pop up, you spend loads of time and money getting set up with them, and then they close down or get bought up.

Zoho SalesIQ features include:

  • A codeless chatbot builder
  • Ability to integrate with top AI technologies such as IBM Watson and Dialogflow
  • A programming interface for more advanced users.
  • Creation of hybrid bots that combine AI and guided chatbot capabilities.
  • Options for initiating chat with website visitors, setting response intervals, and establishing chat inactivity rules.

There’s no mention of any AI features, but they do have a free plan. So depending on your needs might be okay to handle regular things like returns and refunds.

More Chatbots

There are loads and loads to choose from, and I’ll keep adding my reviews to this post as I get time to try them out.

Just going on my own experience and knowledge from researching this stuff, Manychat and Voiceflow are my chatbots of choice.

Voiceflow is incredibly powerful and is swiftly becoming one of the most popular AI chatbots out there.


ManyChat has been around for years and has great integrations. For instance many Instagram influencers use ManyChat to automate comments and DMs.

If you’ve ever seen someone say “Just comment XXXX and I’ll send you this free thing” – it’s normally powered by ManyChat.


Here’s a list of some more customer service chatbots to check out:


Why is Zendesk considered the overall best AI chatbot?

Zendesk is recognized as the overall best customer service chatbot due to its advanced AI technology, reliable features, and exceptional customer service capabilities.

Is there a free customer service chatbot available?

Yes, HubSpot offers a free customer service chatbot that provides efficient and high-performing support for businesses.

What is Zobot’s specialty as a customer service chatbot?

Zobot is a native website widget chatbot that seamlessly integrates with websites, providing reliable customer service support and improving overall satisfaction.

Are Manychat and Voiceflow reliable customer service chatbot solutions?

Yes, both Manychat and Voiceflow are reliable customer service chatbot solutions that offer innovation along with exceptional features, enabling businesses to enhance their customer support and provide an exceptional experience.

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