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Publish Your Beehiiv Newsletter on Wordpress

Import, schedule and publish to Wordpress directly from Beehiiv with this FREE Wordpress plugin
There is currently no decent solution to import Beehiiv posts into Wordpress blogs, so I created one.

The Simple RSS Import to Posts plugin is super simple to use, and it's about to make your life as a content creator a whole lot easier!

Features and benefits:

1. Content Aggregation: Seamlessly integrate Beehiiv newsletters or any RSS feed content into your website with just a few clicks. No more manual updates or hassle.

2. Customizable Import Schedule: Set up a schedule that aligns with your content strategy. Whether you prefer daily updates or weekly digests, this plugin gives you the flexibility to keep your site current without constant manual intervention.

3. Seamless Integration: Imported posts go beyond plain text. They include images and maintain the original publish date, preserving the authenticity and timeline of your content.

4. Complete Control: Choose to publish imported posts immediately or save them as drafts for further customization. Easily categorize your imported content by assigning specific WordPress categories.

5. Enhanced User Engagement: Keep your audience engaged with regularly updated content. This not only improves SEO but also increases return visits to your site.

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